Sunday, 10 April 2016

March favourites

All the wonderful things that made me happy in March:

  Cardamom French Toast Tea, black tea is my favourite and this particular flavour feels fancy!
  Song of the Sea, a movie currently on Netflix. I have watched this movie SO many times and am still in awe over the story, soundtrack and most of all the illustration. 10/10 
  Star vs the Forces of Evil - THIS SHOW MAKES ME SO HAPPY. The main character is my spirit animal. I knew it would be one of my favourite cartoons just from the first episode I saw. Only the best things to say about this one!
  Mortar and Pestle, many pesto jars and tahini paste will be made from my new best friend, this mortar and pestle.
 Acryla gouache, a difficult decision to switch paint brands but this type of gouache has a much nicer finish and I am able to create many more layers in a painting.  I will make a more in depth post in the future about using different brands of gouache (particularly Winsor & Newton).

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