Tuesday, 2 August 2016


There were tons of lovely outdoor adventures and road trips happened in July. Summer is my least favourite season but I really made an effort to leave the house this month. We took a little trip back to the small town near Ottawa called Smiths Falls which is the hometown of my boyfriend (Gerald Larocque). I lived in this town for a few years as a teenager so it is very strange to go back and see everyone I went to high school with. A trip to the local grocery store is basically a high school reunion. That is just how tiny this town is. We took Olive along with us as per usual because Olive is such a lovely little travel mate and enjoys my boyfriends dog who is practically the same size in stature as Olive. We did a ton of family visits, friend visits, eating breakfast at the only coffee shop in town each morning and Pokemon capturing. I'm not a fan of vacations but this little trip was a very nice pause to my daily routines. When we came back we also visited some local waterfalls! My personal favourite is Hilton falls where you can get right under the falls. It is quite refreshing and there's not many people around if you go at certain times. 

I didn't read much this month but I sure did get a ton of knitting and painting done this month. July is when I start getting excited for Autumn to arrive and this year I've never been more excited. The freedom of having a car and living near some very magical conservation areas, hills, and waterfalls is a huge blessing.  I'm trying to get ahead on a bunch of projects because last year I was quite busy with a book project and private commissions that I didn't have time to get half the yarn and projects in my stash knit into cozy pieces. I even plan to get started on Christmas gifts super early this year so I can enjoy the season even more.

What I read:
Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton

What I knit:

little leaf lace scarf
simple house slippers
scrollwork by Brooklyn Tweed

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